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Welcome! I won't bore you with a bunch of personal details but what I will tell you is I love what I do!  I made my first nursery bedding for my first born London 21 years ago when at the time I couldn't find anything I liked.  I pulled out my sewing machine and made the cutest Dalmatian red and black bedding....well...I think his head spun around a few times with all the stimulation in the room. I never thought I would actually do this for a living until my second child Milan entered our world 12 years ago and hence why I named my business Baby Milan. 

When I started there wasn't much out there for custom bedding but NOW it seems like every stay at home mom is make bedding.  So why pick me?  Well *clears throat* I think I'm a good darn seamstress and my quality of work is very professional...and I have 4 mouths to feed. JK. I also do custom work and I'm very flexible.  All my items are made to order so you don't like the trim color hey I can change that!   I also try to stay on trend and keep it simple and clean..I'm not much of a same fabric kind of gal...I like to mix it up but not over do it.  So if you are still deciding on which direction to go I have a great track record on customer service...just go look at my Etsy Feedback.  I would love to work with you and create the nursery of your cliché but really I do.


Wife, Mom of 4 and a big giant dog (Bronx) who looks like a horse.

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