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IN STOCK Buck Deer custom Crib bedding, Tribal Longhorn, Aztec Bumperless bedding set


This adorable set features a southwest print that includes black, cream, gray, red, gold and teal. The rail cover features a black and cream buck print reversed to the southwest print.

O p t i o n 1 -Rail cover,Crib skirt

O p t i o n 2-Rail cover, Crib skirt, Minky sheet

O p t i o n 3 -Rail cover, Crib skirt, minky sheet, blanket

Rail cover- Southwest reversed to Black and cream buck
Crib Skirt- 17" long accent gold trim
Blanket- 28" by 36" light gray minky with aztec print
Sheet - Gray Minky sheet

***Please use this link to upgrade to a 15" Rail cover

1 available

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